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Elizabeth M. Eastman (aka Elizabeth Maureen Rudell)

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Elizabeth M. Eastman (aka Elizabeth Maureen Rudell) does not have an image.

Elizabeth M. Eastman
Canadian, (1905–1999)

Artist Objects

Close Up 2004x.448.009

Early Spring 1982.009.002

Finger Painting 2004x.448.077

Fisherman 2004x.448.228

Funflowers 2004x.448.003

Gordon 2004x.448.117

Honeycomb 2004x.448.030

Jonquil 2004x.448.008

Lichen on Rock 2004x.448.232

Lucy 2004x.448.055

Majorca 2004x.448.112

Mariano Bazile ? 2004x.448.071

Our Balcony 2004x.448.069

Paris Remembered 2004x.448.004

Pinnacle Hill 1999.004.003

Promise 2004x.448.043

Stoke Gabriel 2004x.448.066

Stonehenge 2004x.448.060

Untitled 2004x.357.001

Untitled 2004x.448.015

Untitled 2004x.448.020

Untitled 2004x.448.058

Untitled 2004x.448.062

Untitled 2004x.448.063

Untitled 2004x.448.064

Untitled 2004x.448.065

Untitled 2004x.448.067

Untitled 2004x.448.068

Untitled 2004x.448.070

Untitled 2004x.448.072

Untitled 2004x.448.073

Untitled 2004x.448.074

Untitled 2004x.448.076

Untitled 2004x.448.078

Untitled 2004x.448.079

Untitled 2004x.448.080

Untitled 2004x.448.081

Untitled 2004x.448.086

Untitled 2004x.448.087

Untitled 2004x.448.088

Untitled 2004x.448.089

Untitled 2004x.448.090

Untitled 2004x.448.092

Untitled 2004x.448.093

Untitled 2004x.448.094

Untitled 2004x.448.095

Untitled 2004x.448.096

Untitled 2004x.448.097

Untitled 2004x.448.098

Untitled 2004x.448.099

Untitled 2004x.448.100

Untitled 2004x.448.101

Untitled 2004x.448.102

Untitled 2004x.448.103

Untitled 2004x.448.104

Untitled 2004x.448.105

Untitled 2004x.448.106

Untitled 2004x.448.108

Untitled 2004x.448.109

Untitled 2004x.448.110

Untitled 2004x.448.111

Untitled 2004x.448.113

Untitled 2004x.448.114

Untitled 2004x.448.204

Untitled 2004x.448.206

Untitled 2004x.448.207

Untitled 2004x.448.208

Untitled 2004x.448.209

Untitled 2004x.448.210

Untitled 2004x.448.211

Untitled 2004x.448.212

Untitled 2004x.448.213

Untitled 2004x.448.214

Untitled 2004x.448.215

Untitled 2004x.448.216

Untitled 2004x.448.217

Untitled 2004x.448.218

Untitled 2004x.448.219

Untitled 2004x.448.220

Untitled 2004x.448.221

Untitled 2004x.448.222

Untitled 2004x.448.223

Untitled 2004x.448.224

Untitled 2004x.448.225

Untitled 2004x.448.226

Untitled 2004x.448.227

Untitled 2004x.448.229

Untitled 2004x.448.230

Untitled 2004x.448.231

Untitled 2004x.448.233

Untitled 2004x.448.234

Untitled 2004x.448.235

Untitled 2004x.448.236

Untitled 2004x.448.237

Untitled 2004x.448.238

Untitled 2004x.448.239

Untitled 2004x.448.240

Untitled 2004x.448.241

Untitled 2004x.448.242

Untitled 2004x.448.243

Untitled 2004x.448.244

Untitled 2004x.448.245

Untitled 2004x.451.001

Untitled 2004x.452.001

Untitled 2004x.454.001

Untitled 2004x.455.001

Untitled 2004x.498.001

Untitled (trees) 2004x.448.034

Untitled (woods) 2004x.448.041

White Barn 1982.009.001

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